Knorr Garde d'Or Maille Grain Musterd sauce Minute 1L Ready to Use

Knorr Garde d'Or Maille Grain Musterd sauce Minute 1L Ready to Use
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Knorr Garde d'Or Grain Maille Musterd sauce Minute 1L Ready to Use

A delicious and versatile ready to use sauce.

Excellent on its own or enhanced by your own creative touch.

Suitable for use on the hob, in the microwave or bain marie.

Freeze thaw stable. Contains no artificial preservatives.

Knorr Garde d’Or sauces are made to classic European recipes so all the work is done for you. No additional ingredients or cooking is required; however, they can be enhanced using your own creativity.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Ingredients Water, zonnebloemolie, Dijon MOSTERD (10%) (water, MOSTERDZAAD, azijn, zout, voedingszuur (citroenzuur), conserveermiddel (E224 (bevat SULFIET))), ROOM, gemodificeerd maïszetmeel, witte wijn, witte wijnazijn, aroma's (bevat TARWE, GERST), zout, EIGEEL, MOSTERDZEMELEN, specerijen (kurkuma, knoflook, chilipoeder), emulgator (E472e), MOSTERDPOEDER, verdikkingsmiddelen (xanthangom, guargom).
Type Garde d'Or sauces

Nutrients per 100 milliliter

Energie 641,00 kJ
155,00 kcal
Eiwit totaal 1,30 gram
Koolhydraten totaal 3,70 gram
Waarvan suikers 0,500 gram
Vet totaal 15,00 gram
Waarvan verzadigd vet 2,40 gram
Voedingsvezel 0,500 gram
Zout 1,60 gram

Allergy Information

melk Contains melk
ei Contains ei
soja Doesn't contain any soja
glutenbevattende granen Contains glutenbevattende granen
tarwe Contains tarwe
rogge Unknown
vis Doesn't contain any vis
schaaldieren Doesn't contain any schaaldieren
noten Doesn't contain any noten
pinda's Doesn't contain any pinda's
sulfiet (E220 - E228) Contains sulfiet (E220 - E228)
selderij Doesn't contain any selderij
sesam Doesn't contain any sesam
lupine Doesn't contain any lupine
mosterd Contains mosterd
weekdieren Doesn't contain any weekdieren
gerst Contains gerst
haver Unknown
spelt Unknown
khorasantarwe Unknown
amandelen Doesn't contain any amandelen
hazelnoten Doesn't contain any hazelnoten
walnoten Doesn't contain any walnoten
cashewnoten Doesn't contain any cashewnoten
pecannoten Doesn't contain any pecannoten
paranoten Doesn't contain any paranoten
pistachenoten Doesn't contain any pistachenoten
macadamianoten Doesn't contain any macadamianoten