Chef chicken jus flakes 550gr Nestlé Professional

Chef chicken jus flakes 550gr Nestlé Professional
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Chef chicken jus flakes 550gr Nestlé Professional

Now there’s a new way to craft your culinary masterpieces. New CHEF Flakes have been specially developed to help you create new flavours and textures in your dishes. Each flake contains 100% of the original ingredients, releasing fully rounded, consistent flavour in every mouthful. They’re also easier to add and quicker to dissolve than existing powders. So whilst they save you time, they also make it easier to achieve a more refined flavour and texture for your meat crusts and pannés, jellies, jus and marinades.


  • The most authentic, trusted recipes
  • Only the highest quality ingredients
  • Each Flake contains 100% of the original ingredients releasing fully rounded and consistent flavours.


  • The unique revolutionary flake format delivers consistency and quality every time
  • Flakes dissolve more effectively to deliver a glossy finish that will delight customers
  • Easy to use and more versatile than powder


  • Low in saturated fat*
  • Low in fat**
  • No more than 0.3g of sodium per 100ml* to ensure clean flavour even when reduced
  • No added colours
  • No added MSG
  • No GM or HVOs
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Additional Information

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