Palm fat 4x2.5kg Delizio

Palm fat 4x2.5kg Delizio
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Palm fat 4x2.5kg Delizio

A responsible deep-frying vegetable fat composed of 100% refined palm oil that may or may not have been fractionated. Delizio Palm deep-frying fat has an exceptionally stable fatty acid balance and is low in trans-fats. Perfectly suitable for temperature-sensitive and demanding hot preparations. Intended for the professional user.

Ingredients: Vegetable oils and fats, that may or may not have been fractionated, aromas, anti-foaming agent (polydimethylsiloxane) E900.

  • • Neutral aroma when heating up
  • • Exceptionally high performance, which results in a longer shelf life
  • • Temperature resistant
  • • Low in free fatty acids
  • • Product will not burn
  • • Deep-fried food does not shine and has a dry and tasty appearance
  • • Pleasant feeling in the mouth; no unpleasant fatty film in the mouth, not even with food coated in breadcrumbs
  • • Trans-fat level < 5%
  • • Superior vegetable-based product
  • • Allergenfree (soya, peanuts) and no GMO components (soya, corn)
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Additional Information

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