Tequila Camino Real 70cl 35%

Tequila Camino Real 70cl 35%
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Tequila Camino Real 70cl 35%

The result of the burning Mexican sun and the juice of the blue sisal plant. Did you know that Tequila comes from the Mexican city called Tequila? There, under the scorching sun, grows the blue sisal plant, the head ingredient of Tequila. After an intensive production process and two distillations arises Camino Real, a cristal clear white spirit of the best quality.

If you want to taste the real flavour of Camino Real, you best drink it as the Mexicans do: you lick some salt from your hand, bite in a little piece of lime and drink the pure Tequila.

Tequila Camino Real is a spirit which fits every occasion. Or can you imagine yourself a bar without Tequila Sunrise or Margherita?

Additional Information

Additional Information

Variety Blanco
Brand Camino Real