Brick dough 10 sheets Mil'Brick

Brick dough 10 sheets Mil'Brick
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Brick dough 10 sheets Mil'Brick

Our Authentic brick pastry sheets are easy to use thanks to their texture and their thinness. They can be cooked in the oven, in a deep fryer or in a pan. They come in bags of 10 sheets.

With flour and water and a pinch of salt, the Tunisian brick paste is a North African specialty that rhymes with friendly festivities. It's thin and light and should be wrapped around your culinary creations, be they elaborate or simple, sweet or salty, and adds a nice crispy dimension to your meal. Let your imagination run wild: that's the whole charm of the delicately prepared brick paste.

Net Weight : 170 g

Diameter : 29.5 cm

After opening : keep refigerated at 4 °C

Ingredients : wheat flour , salt , water , vegetable oil

Product of France


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Additional Information

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