Cranberry Classic juice Ocean Spray 1L PET

Cranberry Classic juice Ocean Spray 1L PET
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Cranberry Classic juice Ocean Spray 1L PET Ocean Spray

Cranberry Classic is a refreshing juice drink, a source of vitamin C. One portion(200ml) contains 30% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.

Cranberry juice from Ocean spray Cranberry is made naturally and contains no added artificial colorants, aromas and preservatives. Ocean Spray is exceptionally refreshing and delicious.


Water, Cranberry Juice from Concentrate (25%), sugar, Vitamin C

Additional Information

Nutrients per 100 milliliter

Energie 173,00 kJ
41,00 kcal
Eiwit totaal 0,00 gram
Koolhydraten totaal 10,20 gram
Waarvan suikers 9,20 gram
Vet totaal 0,00 gram
Waarvan verzadigd vet 0,00 gram
Vitamine C (ascorbinezuur) 12,00 milligram
Zout 0,00 gram

Allergy Information

melk Unknown
ei Unknown
soja Unknown
glutenbevattende granen Unknown
tarwe Unknown
rogge Unknown
vis Unknown
schaaldieren Unknown
noten Unknown
pinda's Unknown
sulfiet (E220 - E228) Unknown
selderij Unknown
sesam Unknown
lupine Unknown
mosterd Unknown
weekdieren Unknown
gerst Unknown
haver Unknown
spelt Unknown
khorasantarwe Unknown
amandelen Unknown
hazelnoten Unknown
walnoten Unknown
cashewnoten Unknown
pecannoten Unknown
paranoten Unknown
pistachenoten Unknown
macadamianoten Unknown