Crodino 10cl 0% non alcoholic aperitif

Crodino 10cl 0% non alcoholic aperitif
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Crodino is distinctive and in Italy it is the non-alcoholic single serve aperitif par excellence, the most consumed, the most renowned.The secret of its success is the unique and appetising flavour obtained thanks to the traditional extract drawn from a mix of infusion and distillated herbs, plants and fruit pieces that are rigorously selected.

Crodino takes its name from Crodo, the area in northern Piedmont, where from 1964 it has been bottled. Gruppo Campari acquired Crodino in 1995. Its image and communication was re-launched by Campari and Crodino in the last few years has consolidated its position as the most famous non-alcoholic aperitif in Italy.

Crodino can be enjoyed in every moment of the day and in every occasion, always offering a simple pleasure that is cheerful and absorbing.

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Additional Information

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