Elixir d' Anvers 1L 37% FX de Beukelaer

Elixir d' Anvers 1L 37% FX de Beukelaer
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Elixir d' Anvers 1L 37% FX de Beukelaer

This wholesome liqueur has been in existence since 1863 . It is prepared from 32 plants and herbs from the four corners of the world which impart it its unique taste.

 Elixir d'Anvers is prepared in 4 stages.

1. Maceration. The ingredients are put in the pot still and pure alcohol is added.

2. Distillation This slow process is obtained through the steam that heats the pot still. The result of this is called an "alcoholate" of Elixir d'Anvers and it is a mixture of pure alcohol with all the characteristics of the ingredients.

3. Preparation in the autoclave The alcoholate of Elixir d'Anvers is mixed with pure alcohol, soft water and sugar.

4. Maturing in old oak casks. This last stage guarantees the mellow taste of the Elixir d'Anvers. The entire production process takes approximately 5 months.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Alcohol content 37
Taste Herbal Liqueur