Ice Cognac ABK6 70cl 40%

Ice Cognac ABK6 70cl 40%
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€39.45 per bottle
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Cognac ABK6 Ice 70cl 40%

A new cognac

ABK6 ICE COGNAC specifically blended to be savoured on ice.

The Cellar Master has carefully prepared ICE COGNAC, to allow this Cognac to develop progressively, highlighting distinct aromas via the contact with both ice and water.

A trendy cognac

Fruit of the union between an exceptional vineyard and family know how, Ice Cognac is different thanks to a unique and innovative blend.

ICE COGNAC by ABK6 is a contemporary concept in Cognac, offering consumers a more festive tasting experience: Cognac ON ICE.

ICE COGNAC BY ABK6 is part of a very renowned range of premium Cognac: ABK6 COGNAC, and will be highly appreciated by both connoisseurs and amateurs.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Alcohol content 40
Variety Others