Ordering VAT-free

How to deliver VAT-free?

When you, as a Dutch customer subject to VAT, place an order with us and have it delivered in the Netherlands, it will be delivered at the 0% VAT rate.
This is called an intra-Community supply and is mandatory under current laws and regulations.
Why? Because the products are delivered from our warehouses in the Netherlands.
There are of course some conditions attached to this great advantage.

Conditions for delivery VAT-free

The following conditions apply to all intra-Community supplies:

  • The transaction takes place between 2 companies subject to VAT. This means that the order is in the name of a Dutch company
    subject to VAT that is registered with the European Commission's VAT Information Exchange System (VIES).
  • A valid VAT number has been entered when placing the order. This VAT number belongs to a company registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE).
  • The invoice and delivery address of the first order is the same as the address at which the company is registered with the VIES or the CBE.

Enforcement of the rules

Rules are rules. The checks below are therefore carried out after you have placed the order. Your order is only final when all checks are in order.

  • We check the validity of the specified VAT number in the VIES.
  • We check the billing address in the VIES or the CBE.
  • We check whether the delivery address of the first order matches the VIES or the CBE.

No worries. If you meet the conditions, everything will be fine.
And if we have any doubts, we'll let you know. If we suspect abuse, we must be strict. In this case your order will be rejected.

Attention for shipments outside the EU:

Any import duties for delivery outside the EU are always borne by the buyer.
We ship the products with the Incoterms FCA - Free Carrier (2000 and 2010)

"The seller produces and delivers to a carrier or forwarder designated and contracted by the buyer.
He runs the risk until the goods are loaded on board the means of transport.
Buyer imports and exports. Risk distribution parallels the transport obligation.
Suitable for all modalities. '