Ouzo 12 70cl 38%

Ouzo 12 70cl 38%
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Ouzo 12 is the Ouzo with the extraordinary aroma of history and tradition. Every single bottle is representative of the soul of Greece. It took its name in 1880 at the Kaloyannis Distillery from "Barrel No12". This extract was preferred for its rich taste and its delicate aroma. Today, it still keeps the same taste that makes Ouzo12 one ofthe most consumed varieties of this aniseed-flavoured spirit of Greek tradition worldwide.

Ouzo 12 originated in Constantinople, now known as Istanbul, in 1880. With the passing of the years is has affirmed itself as the most popular ouzo brand in the world, always remaining faithful to its original recipe. Ouzo 12 is part of the Gruppo Campari since 1999.

Ouzo 12 is served straight, with ice or with a little bit of added water

Additional Information

Additional Information

Alcohol content 38