Tabasco Habanero pepper sauce 150ml Mac Ilhenny

Tabasco Habanero pepper sauce 150ml Mac Ilhenny
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Tabasco Habanero pepper sauce 150ml Mac Ilhenny


Die-hard habanero lovers’ opinions about their favorite sauce make for a heated debate indeed. Many of them take issue with sauces that are just pure heat; others with sauces that have a chemical taste. That’s why TABASCO® brand Habanero Sauce has won over so many heat-seekers’ hearts: its mix of fiery habanero peppers and other natural ingredients delivers vibrant intensity and a delicious, tangy taste.

Fruits of the Caribbean.

We mix juicy papaya and mango with our habanero peppers—plus onion, garlic and other natural flavors—to create a fruity, Jamaican style blend. It’s a unique collection of ingredients that only TABASCO®, with its more than 140 years of perfecting pepper sauce, could combine so deliciously. TABASCO® Habanero Sauce is a natural for jerk chicken as well as shrimp kabobs and salsas. It’s also ideal as a marinade or for basting to make a dish more daring.

Hot enough for ya?

“Yes!” and “Thank You!” say grateful TABASCO® Habanero Sauce customers who find our other sauces a bit too mild. Whether their impressive heat tolerance comes from growing up in the spice-rich Southwest or from years of going for the hottest item on the menu, we dedicate TABASCO® Habanero Sauce to them. We also applaud the ingenuity of customers who find mixing a bottle of our hottest sauce with a bottle of our Original Red Sauce to be a happy (yet still hot) medium.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Use Others
Variety Flavor enhancer
Brand Others
Taste Others

Nutrients per 100 milliliter

Energie 419,00 kJ
100,00 kcal
Eiwit totaal 1,50 gram
Koolhydraten totaal 23,00 gram
Waarvan suikers 21,00 gram
Vet totaal 0,100 gram
Waarvan verzadigd vet 0,100 gram
Voedingsvezel 2,40 gram
Zout 6,00 gram

Allergy Information

melk Unknown
ei Unknown
soja Unknown
glutenbevattende granen Unknown
tarwe Unknown
rogge Unknown
vis Unknown
schaaldieren Unknown
noten Unknown
pinda's Unknown
sulfiet (E220 - E228) Unknown
selderij Unknown
sesam Unknown
lupine Unknown
mosterd Unknown
weekdieren Unknown
gerst Unknown
haver Unknown
spelt Unknown
khorasantarwe Unknown
amandelen Unknown
hazelnoten Unknown
walnoten Unknown
cashewnoten Unknown
pecannoten Unknown
paranoten Unknown
pistachenoten Unknown
macadamianoten Unknown