The chocolate assortiment individually wrapped 120pc Jules Destrooper

The chocolate assortiment individually wrapped 120pc Jules Destrooper
EAN: 15410471914201


Driven by passion, Jules Destrooper, a colonial trader, combined the best of the spices he imported from Africa and the East
with the best of nature's ingredients. That's how he obtained a very unique flavour for the almond thin,
a delicate biscuit that was to please generations of people all over the world. In that way, in 1886, the biscuiterie Jules Destrooper was founded.

Today, the Jules Destrooper biscuits are the proud of the 4th generation.
The biscuits are still based on the secret family recipe, as Jules Destrooper developed it.The founder's original recipes will never be changed.
Just as they were in 1886, Jules Destrooper biscuits are completely free of any kind of artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.
Each biscuit is the honest product of our sustained desire to offer the best biscuits from creamery butter, fresh eggs, flour and selected sugars.

120pcs. chocolate mix cookies / box
750gr. chocolate mix cookies / box

Additional Information

Additional Information

Variety Coffee Biscuits (Individ. Packaged)

Nutrients per 100 gram

Energie 2.028,00 kJ
483,00 kcal
Vet totaal 25,00 gram
Waarvan verzadigd vet 15,00 gram
Koolhydraten totaal 58,00 gram
Waarvan suikers 43,00 gram
Eiwit totaal 5,50 gram
Zout 0,520 gram

Allergy Information

melk Contains melk
ei Contains ei
soja Contains soja
glutenbevattende granen Contains glutenbevattende granen
tarwe Contains tarwe
rogge May contain rogge
vis Doesn't contain any vis
schaaldieren Doesn't contain any schaaldieren
noten May contain noten
pinda's Doesn't contain any pinda's
sulfiet (E220 - E228) Doesn't contain any sulfiet (E220 - E228)
selderij Doesn't contain any selderij
sesam Doesn't contain any sesam
lupine Doesn't contain any lupine
mosterd Doesn't contain any mosterd
weekdieren Doesn't contain any weekdieren
gerst Doesn't contain any gerst
haver May contain haver
spelt May contain spelt
khorasantarwe Doesn't contain any khorasantarwe
amandelen May contain amandelen
hazelnoten May contain hazelnoten
walnoten Doesn't contain any walnoten
cashewnoten May contain cashewnoten
pecannoten May contain pecannoten
paranoten Doesn't contain any paranoten
pistachenoten Doesn't contain any pistachenoten
macadamianoten May contain macadamianoten