The Vegetarian Butcher RAW No Beef Burger 2.26kg Frozen ❄️

The Vegetarian Butcher RAW No Beef Burger 2.26kg Frozen ❄️
EAN: 8710522767054


The Vegetarian Butcher RAW No Beef Burger 2.26kg Frozen
Additional Information

Additional Information

Ingredients Plant structure 54.59% (water 37.57%, SOY protein 12.07%, WHEAT GLUTEN 4.24%, corn starch 0.51%, WHEAT flour 0.2%), water 23.24%, vegetable oils 12.2% (sunflower oil 7.5%, palm oil 4.7%), thickener 3.02% (methyl cellulose (E461) 3.02%), flavourings 2.25%, tapioca starch 1.01%, emulsifier 0.5% (SOYBEAN lecithins (E322) 0.5%), SOY protein 0.49%, salt 0.48%, acidity regulator 0.47% (potassium acetate (E261) 0.47%), acids 0.34% (malic acid (E296) 0.18%, lactic acid (E270) 0.16%), red beet juice concentrate 0.21%, Psyllium husk 0.2%, spices 0.2% (white pepper 0.1%, black pepper 0.1%), BARLEY malt extract 0.2%, citrus fibre 0.15%, colour 0.05% (paprika extract (E160c) 0.05%), antioxidant 0.03% (ascorbic acid (E300) 0.03%), vitamin B12 0%. Contains barley, cereals containing gluten, soybeans and wheat. May contain oats and rye. Suitable for Vegan. EVU approved- ID 0204.

Nutrients per 100 g

Energie 857,00 kJ
206,00 kcal
Vet totaal 14,00 g
Waarvan verzadigd vet 4,20 g
Koolhydraten totaal 4,70 g
Waarvan suikers 0,500 g
Vezels 5,00 g
Eiwit totaal 14,00 g
Zout 0,780 g
Ijzer 3,10 mg
Vitamine B12 0,750 mcg

Allergy Information

melk Doesn't contain any melk
ei Doesn't contain any ei
soja Contains soja
glutenbevattende granen Contains glutenbevattende granen
tarwe Contains tarwe
rogge May contain rogge
vis Doesn't contain any vis
schaaldieren Doesn't contain any schaaldieren
noten Doesn't contain any noten
pinda's Doesn't contain any pinda's
sulfiet (E220 - E228) Doesn't contain any sulfiet (E220 - E228)
selderij Doesn't contain any selderij
sesam Doesn't contain any sesam
lupine Doesn't contain any lupine
mosterd Doesn't contain any mosterd
weekdieren Doesn't contain any weekdieren
gerst Contains gerst
haver May contain haver
spelt Unknown
khorasantarwe Unknown
amandelen Doesn't contain any amandelen
hazelnoten Doesn't contain any hazelnoten
walnoten Doesn't contain any walnoten
cashewnoten Doesn't contain any cashewnoten
pecannoten Doesn't contain any pecannoten
paranoten Doesn't contain any paranoten
pistachenoten Doesn't contain any pistachenoten
macadamianoten Doesn't contain any macadamianoten