ZiZi Coin Coin 1L 10% Original Cocktail

ZiZi Coin Coin 1L 10% Original Cocktail
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ZiZi Coin Coin 1L 10%

DBB is a Belgian company founded in 1993 by Benedict Borsu.

Until 1998 it was specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of high-end fresh fruit juices pressed by hand.

These juices were distributed exclusively to customers of pubs, hotels and restaurants.

With his knowledge and his mastery of fresh juices, DBB developed in March of that year the recepe for an aperitif based on fresh lemon juice and liqueur, and launched the brand Zizi Coin Coin Lemon Cocktail.

Since its launch Zizi Coin Coin Lemon Cocktail has enjoyed great success on the Belgian market and in several neighboring countries such as France, Switzerland, ...

Over the years, DBB has developed other cocktails such as: Strawberry Vodka, Passion and Caipirinha cocktail. Always based on fresh juices.

VISIT THE WEBSITE: http://www.zizicoincoin.com

Additional Information

Additional Information

Alcohol content 10