Chef White Stock Poultry powder 800gr Nestlé Professional

Chef White Stock Poultry powder 800gr Nestlé Professional
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Chef White Stock Poultry powder 800gr Nestlé Professional

CHEF white stock poultry is made using quality ingredients for subtle flavours, enabling you to add your signature finish.

  • Powdered format dissolves easily
  • No more than 0.3g of sodium per 100m* to ensure clean flavour even when reduced
  • No added MSG
  • Free from GM and HVO
  • Low in saturated fats*
  • Bain-marie/freeze-thaw stable - can be prepared in advance and held in service

It allows you to saves time, energy and manpower, freeing you to be creative where it counts :

  • Easy to use
  • Can be added at any stage of the cooking process
  • Helps to comply with challenging HACCP legislation
Additional Information

Additional Information

Type Fonds & Fumets
Structure Powder

Nutrients per 100 g

Energie 1.439,00 kJ
341,00 kcal
Vet totaal 7,80 g
Waarvan verzadigd vet 2,50 g
Koolhydraten totaal 58,00 g
Waarvan suikers 4,50 g
Vezels 0,600 g
Eiwit totaal 9,50 g
Zout 18,40 g

Allergy Information

melk May contain melk
ei May contain ei
soja Unknown
glutenbevattende granen May contain glutenbevattende granen
tarwe Unknown
rogge Unknown
vis Unknown
schaaldieren Unknown
noten Unknown
pinda's Unknown
sulfiet (E220 - E228) Unknown
selderij Contains selderij
sesam Unknown
lupine Unknown
mosterd Unknown
weekdieren Unknown
gerst Unknown
haver Unknown
spelt Unknown
khorasantarwe Unknown
amandelen Unknown
hazelnoten Unknown
walnoten Unknown
cashewnoten Unknown
pecannoten Unknown
paranoten Unknown
pistachenoten Unknown
macadamianoten Unknown