I have previously placed orders with the same information, but this time I get an email that I still have to pay the VAT. How is this possible?

VAT numbers known to us are periodically checked for validity and validity.
We do this to ensure that a company subject to VAT has been specified at the time of ordering.

Why are these checks performed?

We do not want to give fraudsters a chance to run off with your data and place an order with us.
Therefore, it is (unfortunately) necessary that we check the validity and validity of the data provided by the company.

My VAT-free order has been rejected, but I have really entered the correct details of my company. What can I do?

We recommend that you first check whether a (typing) mistake has been made when entering. After all, an accident can happen in a small corner.
Is everything correct? Then we advise you to look up your data in the VIES and the CBE. We rely on these data for the audit.
Sometimes the data in the VIES or the CBE is not up to date. In that case, please contact these authorities and provide us with official proof of the change of address.
Has your VAT number been correctly rejected? Then you can use the payment link that you receive from us by e-mail to pay additional VAT.

I am a business customer subject to VAT, but I would like to pick up my package in the store. Is there also 0% VAT?

No, there is no question of 0% VAT. You will receive an invoice with the local Belgian VAT rate. In this case, there is no question of an intra-Community supply.
The products do not have to come from Belgium, they are already in Belgium the moment you buy them.

My order has been shipped, but I haven't received it yet.

Of course we want to see your order delivered to you as soon as possible. Sometimes it may be that an order has already been shipped,
but was not delivered on the scheduled delivery date.
This can have several causes.

  • Your package was damaged during delivery. We will have to have a damage file drawn up for this.
    Either your package will be delivered with a delay or your package will be returned to us.
    If you receive the package with a delay and it is damaged, you can immediately refuse it.
    If you do receive it, please immediately take photos and send them together with the barcode of the package to webshop@nevejan.be
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, your package was stuck in a distribution center of Bpost or TNT for 1 or more days.
    This can occur outside of our control. If the package was not damaged and you still need it, we count on the goodwill of our customers
    not to indicate serious consequences here. If you no longer need the package, you can refuse it immediately upon delivery.
    This way the package will be returned to us.

When do I receive my order?

  • When you send your order you will receive a confirmation email in which you can find a track code.
    You can track the package with this code.
    You can also track the status of your order when you log in to your account again.
    If the status of your order is still on "processing", this means that your package has not yet been shipped.