Bresc Aïoli Clasico 1kg

Bresc Aïoli Clasico 1kg
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Bresc Aïoli Clasico 1kg

Creating a tasty dip sauce with fresh ingredients is a challenge faced by every cook. International cuisine features various typical examples, which you will find in our range. 

Ready-to-use chilled product, in resealable packaging.

Bresc Aïoli

Aïoli originates from Catalonia, although the French claim that they invented it. What's certain is that a sauce based on garlic cloves and olive oil, made using a pestle and mortar with the addition of sea salt, has been eaten in the mountainous area that links France to Spain for as long as anyone can remember. An egg yolk is added to prevent the sauce from separating.

This is why aïoli is sometimes also referred to as the precursor to today's mayonnaise. This sauce is regarded as a flavour enhancer for a very wide range of dishes. It can be used as a dip for bread, vegetables and salads, as well as a dip for mussels to go with the essential Spanish paella! The perfect accompaniment to chips and barbecues, and a delicious addition to grilled meat such as spare ribs.

What's more, 10% of the highest quality fresh garlic, olive oil and a dash of lemon juice make this Aïoli a true taste sensation. Without doubt the best ready-to-use Aïoli out there.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Ingredients Emulsified sauce (rape oil, water, glucose-fructose syrup, {free-range egg yolk} 3.3%, corn starch, salt, modified starch, acid (citric acid, acetic acid), thickener (guar gum), preservative (potassium sorbate), herbs), garlic 10%, olive oil 10%, salt 2%, water, lemon juice

Nutrients per 100 gram

Energie 1.961,00 kJ
471,00 kcal
Vet totaal 48,30 gram
Waarvan verzadigd vet 4,20 gram
Transvetzuren 0,00 gram
Koolhydraten totaal 8,60 gram
Waarvan suikers 3,90 gram
Voedingsvezel 0,500 gram
Eiwit totaal 1,10 gram
Eiwit plantaardig 1,10 gram
Eiwit dierlijk 0,00 gram
Zout 3,00 gram
Toegevoegd suiker 0,00 gram
Toegevoegd zout 3,00 gram

Allergy Information

melk Doesn't contain any melk
ei Contains ei
soja Doesn't contain any soja
glutenbevattende granen Doesn't contain any glutenbevattende granen
tarwe Doesn't contain any tarwe
rogge Doesn't contain any rogge
vis Doesn't contain any vis
schaaldieren Doesn't contain any schaaldieren
noten Doesn't contain any noten
pinda's Doesn't contain any pinda's
sulfiet (E220 - E228) Doesn't contain any sulfiet (E220 - E228)
selderij Doesn't contain any selderij
sesam Doesn't contain any sesam
lupine Doesn't contain any lupine
mosterd Doesn't contain any mosterd
weekdieren Doesn't contain any weekdieren
gerst Doesn't contain any gerst
haver Doesn't contain any haver
spelt Doesn't contain any spelt
khorasantarwe Doesn't contain any khorasantarwe
amandelen Doesn't contain any amandelen
hazelnoten Doesn't contain any hazelnoten
walnoten Doesn't contain any walnoten
cashewnoten Doesn't contain any cashewnoten
pecannoten Doesn't contain any pecannoten
paranoten Doesn't contain any paranoten
pistachenoten Doesn't contain any pistachenoten
macadamianoten Doesn't contain any macadamianoten